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  • Courage is resistance to Fear

Becoming Magnetic

People with this magnetism wield an enormous power for good! Their mere presence brings comfort to troubled minds in everyone they associate with.

  • Definite Major Purpose (DMP)

Good Habits, Purpose, and Success

I knew I had a 9 am call scheduled, however, I really wanted to blow it off. Then, I realized I was wide-awake and alert – which is how I want to wake up and I even put it in my DMP: “I wake up vibrant and happy and ready to meet the world!” It didn’t matter that the person did not answer, what mattered is I kept my appointment and dialed the phone. I kept my promise.

  • Bowl of Chicken Soup

The Love Language of Food

"With the winter months ahead, I am already looking forward to cozying up with bowls of hot, homemade soup and stews. And they can be healthy too, especially if you prepare them yourself instead of opening a can. Soups are one of those foods you can allow to simmer all day, allowing the enticing aroma to reach all corners of your home." ~ Ruth O'Neil