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  • Bowl of Chicken Soup

The Love Language of Food

"With the winter months ahead, I am already looking forward to cozying up with bowls of hot, homemade soup and stews. And they can be healthy too, especially if you prepare them yourself instead of opening a can. Soups are one of those foods you can allow to simmer all day, allowing the enticing aroma to reach all corners of your home." ~ Ruth O'Neil

  • Healthy Fall Recipes

Healthy Fall Recipes

Special thanks to my friend Barbara for providing these wonderful healthy fall recipes! They are gluten free and perfect for this time of year! And as a bonus, wouldn't they work great for Thanksgiving?!

  • 35% of children over age 5 with food allergies have been bullied, teased or harassed.

Food Allergy Bullying

We are ALL responsible for advocating, educating and empowering. And we need to be proactive, not reactive. Every child, including those with food allergies or dietary intolerance, DESERVES to feel safe and secure at school and in life.